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Movin’ on up

So I started a full time job about two months ago, and I like it a lot. For reals. The video game testing had been killing me, I couldn’t stand it. I clockwatch if I’m miserable, and we did 12 hour days so that was a lot of clock monitoring.  Now I work 9 to 5. Literally. Those are the hours, which is crazy in this day and age.  I’m a sales consult or account executive, it depends on who you ask, for non-theatrical film distribution.  Co-workers are great, the company seems pretty good, and all is well.

The commute, on the other hand, isn’t much fun.  The office is over the hill, which makes for about 45 minutes in the more and 60-75 minutes in the afternoon.  Luckily, we signed a lease on a place yesterday and, once we move at the end of the month, the commute will be 7-10 minutes each way.  That…that will be amazing.

Otherwise not much is going on. I worry I’m gaining weight but I plan to fully reengage my previous eating plan once we move. It’s just so difficult and unfeasible where I am now. It seems like a made up excuse, and it partially is, but that’s the plan.



OK, time for a long, detailed, invigorating post about what’s going on in my life.

…or not.


Well I have just been terrible in my blogging duties as of late (i.e. 2 months). Though I have been updating my movie page on here, but I’m sure I’m the only one who has ever even looked at it. I even let my 10 year blogging anniversary slip by. Oh well.

We left Germany on December 8th, spent 5 days in Iceland, and have been back since the 12th. I spent a week with family up in Oregon for Christmas, but otherwise I’ve been dicking around town and catching up with people.

I’ll write a trip report for Iceland, which was an absolutely amazing trip, sometime soon. Part of the problem is I just have no good, comfortable place to type right now. Oh well.

Everything else is in a holding pattern. Stay tuned for further updates.