The new home for my blog, previously on Livejournal.  Should you be interested, the archives of my old blog can be accessed at this link.  That blog ran from January 2003 to August 2011.

Content will vary, but expect a lot of media talk and general personal life rantings.

Who am I, you ask?  That’s kind of personal, don’t you think?

My name is Ryan, I live in Göttingen, Germany for the time being.  I’m “married.”  I’m from Los Angeles, have lived in Santa Barbara, and was/am a film festival programmer.  I got my Bachelor’s in Film & Media Studies from UC Santa Barbara in 2007.  I consume a lot of media.  Movies, TV, and games.  I like talking about them.  I also occasionally take a stab at screenwriting (but who doesn’t?).  I’ll let you know how that goes.

Please excuse all typos.  I scan everything once, but I’m mot prefect not perfect.

All the random photos in the header are taken by me at one point or another.

About My Reviews

I do my reviews my way (how fitting).  That means:

– No plot synopsis unless the film is highly obscure.  I find them tedious and if you’re reading about a film I just assume you know about it already.  If I need to expand on a plot point for some portion of the review, then I will.  If the film is obscure, I’ll probably include the trailer for reference.

– No spoilers.  Or, if there are, there will be fair warning.  But no spoilers in general.

– Sometimes they’ll be frustratingly brief.  What can I say?  Sometimes I just don’t have much to talk about. Sometimes a movie doesn’t warrant much discussion, they’re just good or bad or “meh.”

– Because of my current living situation, they won’t be very timely for a while.  I’ll also review older movies I’m seeing for the first time, should I feel like it.  I would never do that before, but times change.

– If I mention what Chris thinks, that means I’m referring to my husband who will, on occasion, watch movies with me (not always by choice).  He doesn’t like most movies.  Just FYI.

– If I give a film an A+, it’s the kind of film that changes my outlook on the world and humanity.  I don’t give them very often.


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