Monthly Archives: August 2012


I’d post more often if absolutely anything was going on. I really would. But nothing is happening. No news. No change.

Been debating vacation options as we saved up a small sum and why put it something useful when we can go somewhere fun instead? Was pretty intent on Paris for a week, but that idea has peaked and financial trepidation has set in. Currently the thinking is Iceland while on the way home. But who knows if that’s possible time-wise. We’ll just have to see what happens.

Glad the Olympics are over. I’ve never understood the appeal. Why do we only care about competitive swimming so feverishly every 48 months? Why do we care at all?

Most of Germany is on vacation in August. Since everyone gets 4 to 5 weeks of paid vacation at a minimum, they take at least 2 or 3 in August. So it gets quiet around here. Most of my students are gone. That means (even) more free time for me, but bad for my paycheck.

And now I’m out of things to mutter on about. Oh well.