Das Schaltjahr

I realize I’m a few days late with these thoughts.

But, honestly, why isn’t the Leap Year something special? It’s an extra bonus day that comes once but every four years, you’d think cultures would’ve started doing something to mark the occasion. But no, nothing. Just an extra day. A work day even. Unacceptable.

I propose a truly extra day where we celebrate by doing nothing. And I mean nothing. No commercialization of exchanging gifts or pressure to spend time with family or make extravagant meals. Just nothing. As in, with the exception of people who work in public safety (fire, police, hospitals, etc.), going to work should be expressly forbidden. Illegal even. You can’t even go out to eat, because that would force those people to be working. And those who are forced to work for legitimate reasons should be given a token day off within seven days of the actual day to compensate.

Would it really be so bad to just have a day where we celebrate recharging? Taking some time to ourselves to oversleep, veg out, read a book, or stare into space. It’s only once every 4 years. Of course, as Americans, I’m sure many would stress over what is the best way to make use of the extra time. To duck into work to finish that project or what have you. When instead, the pressure should be just how best will we maximize our time to do nothing at all.

If only.

Then again, if the 29th fell on a weekend, that would totally suck.


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