Ein Bisschen Kalt

Update: Ignore all that stuff I said about no snow. Spoke too soon it seems. It’s been snowing like crazy all day. Go figure.


Maybe you’ve seen in the news as of late, but there’s a bit of a cold snap going on in Europe.  Here in Göttingen it’s pretty darn cold, down to -20 at night sometimes, and lately hovering around -8 or so during the day. Much, much colder than I’m used to, and certainly colder than last year.  But unlike last year, where we had snow from November to March, this year we’ve yet to really have any. There was a dusting of it when this cold set it, but it didn’t really stick then either. We might get some more I hear, and the rest of the country has been blanketed apparently, but the northwest has gotten through relatively unscathed. Good for us, I guess.

I would update more if I had much to say. But I don’t really. I keep meaning to post some reviews, mostly for The Artist and The Descendants, but I procrastinate. Next week we get to see Hugo, which I’m excited about.

I got some textbooks in the mail on Monday along with information about new classes to start teaching in Kassel. This was, really, the first I heard of it. They had mentioned it might be happening, but that was nearly a month ago. So I got in touch with them and found out that they expected me to teach starting this week. As in today. I pretty much flipped out at them. How could they forget to, you know, actually see if the teacher is even available to teach? I told them there was no way I’d be able to prepare three classes in time so they should cancel. They told me not to worry, no need to prepare, just wing it! And the classes were set in stone. So I flipped out even more and made it clear I simply wouldn’t be there this week, tell the students what you want. So next week, should they ask, I’m supposed to say I was sick. They couldn’t even own up to their own mistake. But with those classes, the return of my Monday one-on-one student, and the phone classes, I’m back into teaching mode for now. I guess. Kind of hate it though. Not much to be done about that. Need the money to live.

Still planning the trip to Prague for next month. Pretty exciting. But beyond that, there’s diddily-squat on my calendar. I’ve got nothing on the horizon to look forward to, which is the primary way I can keep my sanity. Sure, I have video games to play and writing to do, but it only prolongs the general annoyance of being here still. I’ve already put in nearly 30 hours to Saints Row 3, and the games my mom sent me as B-day gifts still haven’t even arrived yet, 3 weeks after they were mailed. How long before you simply count them as lost in the mail? German mail is unpredictable that way though. Insanely fast, or glacially slow. Nothing in between.

My weight loss has also plateaued, which is very frustrating. I’ve been hovering in the 190 to 195 range for nearly two months now. It’s odd to consistently lose at least 2 pounds a week for months and then it just stops like that. No tapering off. Just a halt. I’ve made a little progress the past two weeks (Christmas and Birthday weeks off didn’t help, but I acknowledge that), but I’ve lot faith in the consistency. My diet and exercise will stay all but identical for two weeks in a row, but the results are wildly different. It makes no sense to me. My next goal weight was 175 pounds, which would put me at 142 pounds lost. But it seems very difficult to reach now. As long I don’t gain anything back, that’s what’s important. And that’s the only thing that’d actually piss me off.


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