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Where was I?  It’s been a while hasn’t it?

I was concentrating for a while there on rewriting that thing I’ve been working on. Took more time than I thought it would, didn’t leave much want or desire to update this thing here.

Haven’t watched any movies since my James Bond binge either. So goes the cycle. Watch a lot of movies, then watch none. We did go see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo this week. It was good, but I didn’t have enough thoughts on it to make a full review. It was just really good. What else would you expect from David Fincher?

I am bummed I haven’t seen enough of the big movies to do any semblance of a top 10 list. It just wouldn’t be appropriate. I love making those lists, but I also love seeing all those movies. I’ll be playing catch up for a while I’m sure, now that I don’t download anything anymore. Sigh.

My birthday was this week. Thursday to be specific. Shinyee took me out to lunch and we tried the Turkish place we’ve been meaning to try for a long time. Never gone to a Turkish restaurant before. It was good. Our plates were still on fire when they brought them out, and it was some sizzling veal with vegetables and a sauce. Very good. She also took me to Cron & Lanz, the fancy chocolate store/bakery in town for cake and I had a delicious piece of Sarah Bernhardt cake. Who knew you could make cake with wafers? I also picked up my own cake from the other bakery we like, but it turned out to be disappointing. It’s a chocolate cream and cherry cake with rum. The lady said you couldn’t taste the rum, but that was an understatement I guess. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still cake. But it’s not something I plan on finishing.

Chris took me to a place called Sausalitos, which I had been meaning to try since we got here. It bills itself as Mexican food, which I’ve already learned to treat as suspect. The “burrito” I ordered had cheese, bacon, shallots, egg, and deli turkey. What? It was good and all, but that ain’t no burrito. Admittedly, I only read as far as “bacon” on the menu, but none of the other burritos even had beans. Only one had rice. Chris seemed to like it (begrudgingly though) so we’ll go again sometime I’m sure. Maybe their tacos or enchiladas more closely resemble the real thing. I’m doubtful.

No birthday gifts yet, they’re still in the mail. It’s taken one 8 days now, which seems like a long time so we’re starting to get worried it was lost or has been stuck at customs. The other was only sent the other day, but now I’m worried about that too. Mail here is frightfully inconsistent. It’s either super fast, or dreadfully slow. Never anything in between.



Late last week I started coming down with something. Just a suspicious tickling in the back of my throat that meant things could get worse soon. Or it could just disappear, who knows.  It got worse of course, but it was only a very bad cold of some kind.

Friday night we went to see the Göttingen Symphony Orchestra for the third time since we got here. Shinyee and her husband Christoph (the conducter) have been nice enough to offer us tickets. We went last year on New Year’s Eve and, having not really been to many classical music events, I fully expected to fall asleep. I remember going to see the LA Master Chorale at the Disney Concert Hall shortly after it opened and pretty much slept through the whole thing. Instead, I’ve found myself enjoying it all very much. It was the New Year’s program, which was winter themed, and all the music was very nice. I can’t remember what it all was (there were no programs), but it was a big sampling of all sorts of stuff. Several pieces from the Strauss brothers (Johann, Josef, and Eduard) and so on. There was a Marimba soloist, which was nice, and she of course impressed everyone with “Flight of the Bumblebee” for her encore.

Germans/Europeans have some kind applause problem. The applause at the end of the nights is excessive and puzzling. And, just like everywhere else, it’s some kind of unspoken pre-programmed limit, because it’s clear when it’s done and everyone should leave. Encores have generally become pointless, because they’re just expected at this point. Another subject for another time I suppose.

Unfortunately Saturday was the day I would be the most sick, so that was spent pretty much entirely in bed.

I had noticed Netflix had most of the James Bond movies now and, after watching two of the Brosnan ones I decided to watch all of them, as I had never seen the old ones aside from GOLDFINGER. So, a few weeks ago I started with DR. NO and would watch one or two a week. Then, late last week, I noticed they were taking them down on the 8th. So I went into overdrive and watched quite a bit. I watched 14 of them in all (DR. NO through MOONRAKER, plus the first two Brosnans). Knowing my luck, and their previous track record, they’ll put them all back up on streaming in a matter of days or weeks. Or not, who knows. I’d rather devote a whole post to them all, and no point commenting after only seeing just over half. At the very least, man, Roger Moore is a terrible Bond. Ugh.

I’d like to start on proper rewrites for my project now that things are more back to normal. Hopefully this will be doable.

Birthday is next week. Nothing planned, but looking forward to the influx of new games coming our way. I’ve put over 80 hours in to the Battlefield 3 multiplayer since I got it in October. That’s probably a bit excessive.


It’s like they had a private window into our living room.