Was Machst Du Silvester

So, yeah, Christmas happened. Came and went. How about that?

Last year we didn’t exchange any gifts because we didn’t have any money to spare and it felt excessive. This year, we still don’t have any money. Just not as badly I suppose. I got Chris an electric kettle as he’s taken to making tea as of late and it’s a nicer option than microwaving or using a saucepan on the stove. I also got him a pasta bowl, olive oil, and chili flakes from Vapiano, our favorite/default restaurant in town. That way he can make his Olio e Olio pasta at home. I had no real wants right now (aside from some games, which are too expensive to import) so we took a day trip to Kassel and went shopping for clothes. I found a nice blazer/hoodie thing at Esprit that I really liked, as well as a shirt and sweater at H&M. Shopping is still kind of  a drag as I’m somewhere in that range between an XL and an L, which makes me not want to buy anything until I can just fit into the L. Regardless, I don’t think a M is ever really happening. My shoulders won’t allow it.

The actual day itself was nothing special. We wound up at McDonald’s since Vapiano wasn’t open like I thought it would be. The entire country all but shuts down from early afternoon on the 24th until the end of the 26th. The afternoon and evening of the 24th is more important here. That’s when people meet with family and exchange gifts and stuff. No Santa here, he comes on the 5th (more efficient). Instead baby Jesus brings the gifts, which is very odd to me. Why’s a baby bringing gifts? Of course, they’re not nearly as extravagant when it comes to gift buying anyhow. Some of my students told me they don’t exchange gifts at all amongst adults, only if kids are involved. And even then, just one or two things. Books are the most popular gifts here, that should say something.

I sent the niece and nephew some goofy stuff for Xmas, since I couldn’t find anything especially German worth sending (other than some chocolates). They get so very many gifts and it’s hard to compete. Apparently they got laptops this year. Not sure if they’re kiddie toy laptops, or the real deal. What kind of kid needs a laptop? Anyways, as you can see, my gift was at least a minor hit.

Since Chris is taking two deserved weeks off from work I’ve also sort of kind of “taken time off.” Not that I do anything that actually warrants time off, or you could even tell really. I haven’t worked on any writing or anything, just hung around with Chris, done errands, and so on.

Since it was the last week of the Weihnachtsmarkt this week, my Xmas gift to myself was a week off from the diet completely. I haven’t gone crazy or anything, but I certainly eat whatever the hell I want. I have had A LOT of candied almonds this week. And I mean a lot of them. Man they’re good. And, surprisingly, just a handful keeps me full for a long time. Regular almonds don’t seem to do that, maybe it’s the butter/sugar/cinnamon/vanilla coating? Had some Proffertjes too, which are amazing and make the Schmalzkuchen taste like turds. Little UFO shaped pancake bites swimming in liquid butter and powdered sugar. Drool. Some Bratwursts, Krakauers, crepes, lebkuchen, and so on. I wonder what the damage will be when I weigh in tomorrow. Don’t care though. At least I tell myself as such.

Tomorrow is New Year’s eye, which is called Silvester here, and is also a big deal. People are already lighting fireworks outside. Last year, the entire town was lighting fireworks for a good 45 minutes. It was absolutely insane, I’ve never seen anything like it and we were completely surprised. The entire skyline was light up with a constant stream of them. Germans spend a lot of money on them, apparently, and they’re only on sale for this week. It may rain though, so I wonder if that will hamper their efforts. Then they’ll just be left with a stockpile of pyrotechnics with a limited time to light them legally.

So now that the holidays are all but over I’ve got little on the horizon to count down to. Birthday is in a few days, but no plans for that. Prague is still on the schedule for March. And then nothing. Well, except leaving, but that’s still a big question mark.


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  1. Great Article, I thought about getting one myself for a while now but I am still not convinced

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