It’s the Most Wunderbar Time of the Year

On Sunday we took an afternoon/evening trip up to the small town of Goslar to visit their Weihnachtsmarkt. As I’ve gone on and one about on here in the past, I love the Christmas Markets. I adore the crap out of them. The best Weihnachtsmarkts are, I’m told, in Nürenberg and Munich (and maybe Cologne). Large and bustling and full of interesting stalls and so on. Unfortunately, those places are far away and expensive to get to/stay in. So that was a no go. But Chris had heard that the one in the town of Goslar, which is nearby, was one of the best ones in northern Germany. So we went.

The town is about an 80 minutes away from here on the slow train, about 65 kilometers or so, at the base of the Harz mountains. We got there at dusk which, in retrospect, was probably a bad idea as we didn’t get to see much of the town otherwise, and there were some cool looking buildings. But I wanted to see the pretty lights, so we waited until dusk (the late, late hour of 5pm these days). The town is awfully quaint and adorable, with a strong medieval feeling. I liked the layout out the downtown streets, it felt easier to get lost and spend time there (and they had lots of shopping options, which is nice). So it’s certainly an option to visit again.

We started off with some delicious hot cocoa before we scoped out all the stalls. It wasn’t as big as we imagined (though I swear there was another part somewhere that we flat out missed), but it still had more variety than the one here in town. Unlike the market in Hannover, which seemed like the same six or seven stalls on repeat, this one had many different kinds with arts and crafts stuff for sale. Another section had a bunch of enormous Christmas trees with some drink stands inside, kind of like a mini forest. It snowed ever so slightly while were there, which made it just that much nicer.

Then, of course, there’s the food. The greatest allure of these things. So many different things on sale, all fresh, and all looking/smelling amazing. One item, which I think was called a Pfeffer roll (though I think I’m wrong) was the most phallic looking thing we’d ever seen. I regret not bringing a camera. It was basically a big, thick sausage above a large roll, served on a stick.  Chris opted for a fresh pretzel for dinner. Boring.

I went for the thing with the the longest line, of course. They took some dough, slathered it with herbs, Gouda, and ham, and baked it. Served fresh out of the oven in batches (along with other fresh breads that were quite popular), it was delicious. Too large to finish, but delicious. Chris had schmalzkuchen for dessert, which was sweeter and tastier than the stall at our market. I went for some warm apple strudel and Brombeerepunsch (blackberry punch), both of which were just OK. Not bad, but maybe I should have opted for something else. We also picked up a Schneeball (snowball), which we had seen in Hannover but had no idea what it was. Turns out it was just some thin cookie dough strips rolled up into a big ball and then baked/fried. They had some with different stuffings and coatings (like Cointreau or cappucino), but the plain one is the only one Chris would try. It was good, but difficult to eat.

I’d go again in a heartbeat for more of the food, but we have the one here for that. I’m sure I’ll go to the one here again a few more times anyhow. I’ll need more almonds before they disappear for the year. Maybe a Bratwurst too while I’m there. Throw in a crepe while we’re at it…


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