Ich liebe es, so they say

I splurge on my diet roughly one and a half days a week. I bend the rules a little here and there sometimes, as people are want to do, and there are always special occasions. December has seen a lot of splurging so far, what with the Weihnachtsmarkt, Andrew visiting, our anniversary, and so on.

Anyways, on the splurge day (Saturdays) we’ll inevitably wind up at McDonald’s. Because it’s really only one of two places Chris will willingly go to eat at on a regular basis. Our other restaurant of choice, Vapiano, is Italian and I usually just get a salad. That ain’t splurging. Sure, there’s a Burger King, but we’re not animals.

The McDonald’s back home could learn a lesson or two from the ones over here. I know every country is a bit different, so I can only base this off of the German ones. And it’s not just the year-round availability of the McRib that would make some Americans happy, it’s the constantly changing menu.

I’m not the biggest McDonald’s fan, though I don’t dislike it. But once or twice a month is more than enough even with the standard options. A Big Mac here tastes like a Big Mac anywhere else. So it’s the specials I’ve come to actually enjoy. Well, most of the time. Some of the time.

This week, for instance, was a chicken sandwich with emmentaler cheese (aka Swiss cheese, but that sounds fancier) and ginger applesauce. Ginger applesauce on a sandwich? Why not? Tastes good.

Other specials I’ve enjoyed include the Nürnburger sandwich (three Nürnburger sausages, crispy onions, mustard), the Big Rösti (beef patty, hash brown patty, cheese, bacon, cheese sauce, bun with melted cheese and bacon bits), Thai chicken sandwich (cabbage, carrots, curry sauce), Napolini sandwich (chicken, lettuce, sour cream, salsa), and so on.

The list of things I’ve seen but haven’t even tried goes on and on. Right now they have fried brie nuggets with cranberry sauce, a chicken cordon-bleu sandwich, a burger with roast beef slices, and a chicken and Camembert sandwich. They’ve had chicken wings, greek wraps, seasoned fries, shrimp wantons, fried shrimp, and an endless variety of burgers with different sauces and toppings (I had a great one with arugula and other stuff, but can’t remember the specifics). Some locations also serve, of course, beer. This is Germany after all.

Really, the US is the only country where the McDonald’s menu stays so static. But why? Too many locations? Too many markets? Not feasible? Why not roll them around regionally? Are we just not that adventurous? Probably. But it’s a shame, they could probably help improve their image some if they did. Places like Jack in the Box and Carl’s Jr. seem to be able to have menus change enough.

A lot of the McDonald’s here also have a separate McCafe section. Sure, in America they have that brand, but it’s just what they call the coffee.  Here it gets its own section, almost like an independent coffee shop within the store. Nicer seating, a full coffee menu, ceramic cups, lots of pastries and such. It’s good stuff too.

The best though, oh the best has been the McFlurries.  Because you haven’t had one until you’ve had one with hot fudge mixed into it. Seriously.

Sorry, I’ve only had vegetables today, so my mind was wandering…



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