Last Thanksgiving Chris’ boss threw a little shindig that we went to and were able to have all the necessary components. This year, not so much.  Still, we decided to do our own little miniature version of it for ourselves. Got some turkey breast to cook up (no oven, and no real culinary skills, so no full turkey), some dehydrated mashed potatoes, and some Pillsbury “Sunday biscuits.” No stuffing, no sweet potato, no cranberry, etc. But it’s just the two of us, so let’s not get crazy.

I did go into town and search every store that came to mind for something pie related. I knew finding pumpkin pie would be impossible, but I still thought I’d try. Germans don’t seem to believe in pie as a viable dessert option. They don’t even have a word for it.

The two nice bakeries in town had some good lucking stuff, but it wasn’t quite right.  All the other chain bakeries were a bust, as well as the supermarkets. Luckily, World Coffee (a Starbucks knockoff) just changed their pastries supplier last week and they now carry apple pie sometimes. So we’re lucky for that. Picked up 3 slices, and some ice cream, and that was that.

So it was nice (though the pile of dirty dishes are eyeing me) and all, but Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie just seems wrong. I had 4 students yesterday, so I tried to talk about it with all of them. They’re all vaguely aware of the holiday’s existence, but not sure why we do it. To be fair, they’re not sure why we do a lot of things. vThe most common question I seem to get is “why do you ask me that” after I say “how are you?” at the beginning of our conversation. They don’t like being disingenuous, which that question often is, so why ask it?

The film festival started last night. They’re not showing nearly as many English language or subtitled movies as last year, and three of them were last night (I missed them all), but there are a few I plan on checking out later in the week. None of them feel that compelling, but then again, they are movies, so I may as well go.

I finished the first draft of that screenplay on Tuesday. Just waiting on feedback now before I struggle with rewrites and tweaks.  Because it needs it.

Monday I’m going to Hannover as the Berlitz there contacted me for an interview. This will be my third interview with Berlitz in a year. Can’t say I feel very optimistic about it, but maybe third time’s a charm? Regardless, I was planning on a day trip to Hannover to check out their large Weinachtsmarkt (Christmas Market).

Speaking of the Weinachtsmarkt, it just opened in town yesterday. I must say, I LOVE the Weinachtsmarkt.  I foresee gorging on some candied almonds and gluhwein and bratwurst and such over the next month. It’s just such a fun thing, I really wish America would try it out, but we’re just set up so differently.  And like most Christmas things, it’ll get more magical once the snow comes.

By this time last year it had snowed already. Not much, but it had. Germany is going through a drought right now. We haven’t had rain or anything in many weeks. Apparently it’s disrupting much of the shipping in the north as the rivers are so shallow most boats can’t sail. On the one hand, snow is a hassle. On the other hand, it’ll be nice to have some.


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