So long kummerspeck

So, my first weight loss goal was 5o pounds. Did that, don’t remember how long it took.

Second weight loss goal was 100 pounds within 12 months, did that in 10 months. That was nice.

My third weight loss goal was to make it under 200 pounds, which I did last week. And this week I passed the 120 pound mark, roughly 14 months after I started. So that’s good.

I can’t remember the last time I weighed under 200 pounds. Partly because it’s been a long time (probably 15 years or so), and partly because I never habitually weighed myself before, so I never kept track of it really.

This brings my BMI down to about 29 (starting was 47), which is the highest number of the overweight category. So, I’m no longer obese, just really, really fat. Huzzah!

Still, I’ve dropped at least 14-16 inches off my waist, and I can buy just a large in the stores instead of the XX-XXXXLs I was buying before we left. So, you know, that’s a plus.

Next weight loss goal? Don’t really have one. According to the BMI the normal range for my height would be somewhere between 128 and 162, which is just laughable. I don’t foresee that happening. I’m still a big guy in general, and always probably will be. Maybe 175 is a good target?

I’m not really sure I even care anymore. I’d like to lose enough so that my stomach can at least fake looking flat. Beyond that, as long I don’t gain anything back ever again I’ll be fine with it. I do foresee moving back home as being a major challenge though. But we’ll see.


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