Time to focus, focus, focus and -SQUIRREL!

I actually haven’t been watching anything this past week, other than the usual TV shows, so I haven’t felt compelled to review recently.

Two reasons, really.

First, video games have distracted me again.  After finally finishing Just Cause 2, and all the necessary achievement whoring that goes with it, Chris and I started a new game.  Dungeon Defenders is a fun tower defense game we can actually play together.  It’s surprisingly deep, though it would take us some time to get too far into it.  And then Battlefield 3 arrived, which Andrew mailed to me as a Smundsday gift (long story). I already beat the single player on that (in hard mode, thank you very much), so now it’s time for multiplayer.  Considering I logged nearly 6 days of multiplayer time alone on its predecessor, that means I’ve got oodles of time to play in the new one.  And I shall.

Other then that, I spend my daylight hours (what little there are anymore) actually trying to be productive.  I’m plodding ahead on my screenplay.  Bit by bit.  I’ve finally wrapped up act one, and we’re 38 pages in.  So, as expected, it’s already too long.  But so be it, for now.  But with teaching, the gym, errands, and general internet, that gives me a few hours a day to try and write.  And, as always, it’s like pulling teeth for some reason.  Part of me wants to rent a hotel room or something in some small, boring town so I’ll have nothing else to do.  But  I know I’d find some way to distract myself regardless.

Also, I think today is the first day where the temperature hasn’t gotten too high above zero.  It’s f-ing cold up in here.  The heaters don’t seem to be effective, and I remember them working too well last year.  So methinks I need to go buy some more winter wear soon.  Maybe not a snow jacket as I thought, but some sweaters, gloves, slippers, and sleep pants.  Can’t seem to find nice flannel-type pajama pants here.  It’s like they’re against comfy warmth or something.

This entry, by the way, was a distraction for the other writing.  In case you couldn’t tell.  I suppose I should get back to that before my next two classes.  Then tonight we were invited to see a Canadian improv comedy troupe.  So there’s that too. Can’t believe it’s the weekend already.


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  1. Hi Ryan

    I was at the show at the Lumiere as well 🙂 How did you like it? Regards from Annastraße!

    • The Crumbs were great! I was worried it would be difficult for just a duo, but they did a good job. Wish there had been more scenes with the pilots though.

      I hope there’s more English improv shows in the future though, it was fun to get out and see something.

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