Not a whole lot going on lately.  Since Hal left I’ve settled back into the daily routine.  Get up, eat mini-wheats, watch something or go to the gym, lunch, dick around on the internet, try to write, teach English on the phone, more internet, dinner, TV, more internet, and maybe some Xbox.

So not a whole lot of variation going on.  Some Mondays we can go to the movies, and I usually meet Shinyee for lunch in town once a week.  But other then that, just nothing happening.  Battlefield 3 will arrive in the mail soon, so I’m sure I’ll spend a lot of time playing that and yelling furiously at the TV.  My usage of the word “bullshit” increases a good 1,100% while playing Battlefield.  Chris hates it.

Shinyee just left for Taipei to visit her mother and family for a few weeks, but she started taking a pottery class and has invited me to join her.  Only a buck fifty plus material, and clay is cheap.  So that’ll be fun to do once or twice a week.  Of course, I’ll end up with a lot of pottery I don’t know what to do with.  Who needs ashtrays?!

Only three more weeks or so until the Weinachtsmarkt comes back into town, and I can’t wait.  I love it.  Maybe it’s just the candied almonds, but the rest is good too.  We may try and visit Hannover or some other local town for a day trip.  It’s an idea.

Chris also just got news we may be able to go to Prague sometime in March as his lab is attending a conference of some sort.  I’ve long joked that we should visit Prague, as I’ve heard it’s cheap, so it would fun to see if that’s true or not (I’ve recently been told I’m wrong).

I’ve also given thought to going to the Berlin Film Festival again, should some fiscally feasible option present itself.  It doesn’t seem likely or practical, but it would be something to do.

My mom offered another trip home for Xmas or otherwise.  I wouldn’t go home for Xmas as I’d never leave Chris alone at home.  And the weather that time of year always makes time sensitive travel questionable.  I still think about it, but just doesn’t feel right.  Me going home twice, Chris not leaving once.  Then again, if he went home for a visit he might never come back.

But other then that, it looks to be the routine on repeat for the foreseeable future.  I’d like to think the end of our time here is on the horizon, but it’ just so impossible to even guess anymore.  There’s a general window of time where it seems possible, but it’s pointless to even try and pin something down.  It will happen when it’ll happen.  And when it does, it will most likely feel pretty sudden.


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