The Trip

I’ve always admired and enjoyed Michael Winterbottom’s films.  I admire any director with such versatility, range, and prolific output.  Have you seen TRISTRAM SHANDY: A COCK & BULL STORY?  It’s great.  And the “versions” Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon played in that movie are actually continued here.

Granted, THE TRIP is not for everyone.  Hell, I’d venture to say it’s not for most people.  Because, even though I did enjoy it, it is boring.  It’s just Coogan and Brydon driving around the northern English countryside trying fancy restaurants, swapping celebrity impersonations, and bemoaning how much they miss their girlfriend/wife.  Nothing really happens, and a lot of it is repetitive.  But it is a fascinating character study, and a great performance from Coogan (as himself, no less).  I just can’t recommend it really as, unless you’re in the right kind of mood, it’s going to be insanely boring.  Chris didn’t even watch it with me and he detested it.

One reason it may have been so boring/repetitive is it was actually a 6 episode TV series edited into feature form for North American audiences.  That…actually explains a lot.

It’s on Netflix.



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