What Smells?

Reasons I need new glasses:

#1: They’re 4+ years old (I got them around March 2007), so the prescription is woefully out of date.  I utilized my vision insurance last year to get prescription sunglasses, which I had wanted for years, and quickly learned it was a mistake as my prescription had changed a lot.  It’s gotten to the point now where I need to squint pretty severely  in order to read some things, or try and see into the distance (I’m near-sighted).

#2: They’re 4+ years old, so they’re dirty.  No matter how often I try to clean them, or how thoroughly, there are crevices that have accumulated lots of gunk and filth.  It’s invisible to anyone looking at me (I hope), but it’s there.  They’re also fairly beat up at this point.

#3: They just fell in the toilet.


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