Downton Abbey

After it swept the Emmys, and was the all around highest reviewed thing in a long time, I started watching Downton Abbey.  I’m loving it so far.

It’s just SO BRITISH!  Oh my, how British it is.  The scandals!  The quick, dry wit!  In the last episode I watched, a woman dared to wear pants.  Pants!  Incredulous!

It’s on Netflix (which I only discovered after downloading the first few episodes) and, as with most British TV, it’s short (only 7 episodes in the first series).  Maggie Smith dominates in every scene she’s in.

Check it out, if that’s your cup of tea.  Get it?  TEA!?!?!  British!


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  1. I usually love British tv so I will watch this. I’ve just finished a second viewing of “Survivors,” which I love. People should be shot for shitcanning a quality show without giving them time to wrap it up. They only got off two seasons and ended on a cliffhanger.

  2. I’m almost done watching the whole thing. It’s awesome. I love the natural lighting; such a great choice. It reminds me that things don’t have to be lit like ten freaking suns to look great. I kind of wish people would get over the faux depth of field though. It was appealing for a while and now it just bugs me because I can’t stop noticing the edges.

    • I haven’t noticed any of that really, I’m just caught up in all the cattiness and delicious scandal of the story. But it is, of course, shot beautifully.

      I can’t wait to see the asshole maid and valet get their comeuppance. I hope they get comeuppance…

      I’ve been watching them sort of slowly as, much to my surprise, Chris likes it too.

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