The past few movies I’ve watched/reviewed have all been pretty awful, leaving me feeling a bit curmudgeonly lately.  Am I just watching only bad movies, or just in a bad mood?

Eh, they were probably bad movies.

Anyhow, I watched RUBBER yesterday, and found it…interesting.

It’s about Robert, a little rubber tire with psycho-kinetic powers that goes on a killing spree.  It’s funny, it’s weird, it’s thought provoking, and it’s at least worth a quick watch.  Sure, it wears out its welcome at about the hour mark, but it picks up again before the ending.

Though it takes place in America, and is all in English, it’s actually a French film.  It plays with the genre, pokes fun at it and all its clichés, and still manages to be interesting enough to fill out the 85 minutes or so.

It’s definitely weird, an you’ll have to be a bit open minded.  But it’s nice to see something really unique for a change.

It’s on Netflix



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  1. I’ve been going through pretty much the same thing. Nothing I’ve watched lately has really been very good. I’m fairly sure it’s me though, because some of them were highly rated at rottentomatoes (I like to check after I watch a movie just to see how my impression matches up with the majority opinion.) So I’ll definitely watch Rubber.

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