Ein Jahr Bereits

On this day last year we landed in Frankfurt, took a delayed train to Göttingen, and started our time here.

It’s sort of surprising it’s been a whole year.  Sure, they say time flies when you’re having fun, but we’ve spent most of that time here just killing time at our computers.

I certainly haven’t started to really hate Germany yet (Chris does), but I’m also not exactly in love with it anymore.  It’s nice, we’ve seen a lot, would love to see more, but we’ve been ready to pack it up and come on home for a while now.  Can’t really tell how much longer we really have either as things change and Chris is often cryptic (never a good sign), but I know he wants out of here as soon as possible.  Maybe once that final horizon is within view things will seem more exciting again as then the question becomes “where do we go next?”  It’s a good question.  One without even the slightest hint of an answer.

Hal is coming to visit in a few weeks, as part of a whirlwind European tour to take photos of everything.  I’ve nearly lined him up a job here and we plan to go to Hamburg as it’s the last major city we haven’t seen and I’d like to before my train discount card expires at the end of October.  After that, train travel is just outright prohibitively expensive on our current income.

I’m also getting excited for the Weinachtmarkt again.  I just love the Christmas market.  That coupled with the snow, makes for enjoyable times.  The candied almonds are amazing.  Can’t wait.  Sure, I wish the snow would pack up and leave with the rest of the market come New Year’s, but oh well.

Still, it’s been a year already, which is crazy in and of itself.  I thought it would feel like forever before we reached this point.  I hope time continues to fly at this pace until it’s time to leave.  Hopefully long before this day next year.


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  1. It sort of does feel like a year to me. Actually it feels like you’ve been gone forever. I’m so interested in where you ultimately decide to land. The subject of abandoning LA is under discussion again in our house. Last city we tossed around: Portland.

    I’m going through a movie-watching phase right now, probably because I have so much work and I’m trying to find ways to stall. Plus I stumbled on a bunch of free codes for the Blockbuster kiosk. But so far almost everything I watched has been either total crap or just boring. Tonight I have the last X-Men and the last Wolfman film.

    Hal takes awesome pictures – I’m sure he will have a great time. His pictures always make me realize that 99% of the people out there calling themselves photographers are just idiots with a camera.

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