Sorry for not blogging as of late.  Since I tend to do things in phases, I’m not really watching movies right now.  I’m sure I’ll start watching again eventually.  Recently I’ve been glued to the Xbox as we got Deus Ex: Human Revolution recently.  But we already finished that (I beat it once, Chris beat it three time before I finished my one go-around), so now I’m replying Batman Arkham Asylum because, well, why not.  Playing it on hard mode this time, which is frustratingly difficult.

Haven’t heard back about that last job interview yet, even though he promised they’d be getting back to me “soon.”  I realize things tend to operate a bit slower here in Germany, but I would still consider “soon” to be under a week.  Whatever, who knows.  He could call day before training starts and ask me to head out.

Other then that, life is boring at the moment.  As per the usual.

*UPDATE* And just like that, an e-mail saying I didn’t get the job.  Can’t say I’m surprised.

Also, got that tickly feeling in the back of my throat that just screams “you’re about to get sick.”  Yay!


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  1. Funny…I watched four movies in the last two days. They all sucked. Or rather, they bored me. I was actually so bored during “The Conspirator” that when I accidentally closed the program while trying to pause it, I didn’t restart it and put in “Limitless” instead. Watched the whole thing, but I’m not sure why. Tonight was “Priest” and “Thor.” Good if brief eye candy in “Thor”. I also have “Season of the Witch”, “The Warrior’s Way” and “Adjustment Bureau” for tomorrow. All promise disappointment, I fear. Could just be me – I have a really bad case of “trying to be a movie maker is a fruitless, psychically damaging pursuit” right now.

    Sorry about the job. Are there any other prospects?

  2. Thor was pretty good I thought. Much better than I was expecting.

    Season of the Witch? That’s going to be awful.

    I liked 95% of The Adjustment Bureau. Thought it was pretty good. And the relationship/chemistry between the two leads was great. There was just one plot point thought I thought was really, really lame.

    And, sadly, no other job prospects at this time. Probably none for the remainder of our stay.

  3. So Adjustment Bureau didn’t totally suck, though it got kind of god-ish at the end. I mean, honestly – first on the list under special thanks in the credits is “The Chairman”? Philip Dick would have flipped his nut if he thought they were trying to put a religious spin on his stuff. Still, good effects and some lovely photography in the dance sequences. Matt Damon grows on me. Which plot point did you find lame?

    Season of the Witch wasn’t a terrible film, it was just done. We’ve seen it a dozen times before, and we saw Nick Cage do this character in Sorcerer’s Apprentice. Now and then he does something I really like him in, but then he does something where he plays the same old Nick Cage character and I just end up shaking my head. Plus he was always kind of weird at Arclight.

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