HESHER is the kind of movie that’s all sorts of…well…nothing.  It’s the kind of disaffected crap people my age tend to write while moody.  Which is a lot, of course.

Hesher, played surprisingly unconvincingly by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is a kind of heavy metal washout.  Just mooching off the world while raging against it at the same time.  He ends up forcing himself into the life of TJ, a young kid who just lost his mom in a car accident.  TJ’s father, played unsurprisingly unconvincingly by Rainn Wilson, has crumpled up into a depressed ball and ignores both his son and his elderly mother who takes care of them.  Natalie Portman works at a grocery store.  Her character doesn’t have much of a point.

That’s more synopsis I like to give in these reviews.  But there’s some setup there for some emotional goings-on with our main characters, but it just flounders.  Each character is interesting on their own, in theory, but together they just don’t gel.  You just can’t make sense of why these people are bothering with each other, and all of their interactions are strained and uninteresting to watch.

Long story short, it sucks.



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