This is an update for the sake of updating.  Nothing wrong with that.

Haven’t watched many movies lately as I seem to be throttling back on that.  It happens.  I also read a book, so that distracts me.  Did watch The Beaver.  It’s one of those movies I recognize as being very good, but just didn’t like that much.  The performances though, including Mel Gibson, are all fantastic.

Just finished “God, No!” by Penn Jillette (aka the louder half of Penn & Teller), a general mish-mash of Atheist thoughts, rants, musings, and stories.  I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed Penn (& Teller, but you feel you just get to know Penn more for obvious reasons) and found his outspokenness and honest refreshing.  To be a loudmouthed asshole while simultaneously being perpetually respectful and open-minded of others is no small feat.  The book wanders a bit here and there, but it’s interesting nonetheless.  I wish they were still making Bullshit, but I can imagine it’s hard to come up with compelling topics still (though I’m sure they could do a few seasons with the network rejected topics alone *cough*Scientology*cough*).

I’d love to see their Vegas show, but whenever I’m there I have no money to spend (also, I’m never there).  When I was there last year to see Garth Brooks with my mom I pitched the idea to her as it’s a cheaper show compared to others (like any Cirque show, for example).  She said “no, I don’t like that one guy.”  Here, I thought she meant Penn, the loudmouth.  “No, the other guy.  The quiet guy.  Can’t trust him”  I laughed for a good five minutes.

Tomorrow I have my third interview with another language school (it was supposed to be last week, but got canceled) for potentially full time work.  My three classes ended in July, and my one-on-one class ends next week.  That only leaves phone classes for income, and there’s just not enough of them yet to maintain my bill paying abilities.  While I’m not necessarily thrilled at the idea of teaching full time (I say that now), the income would be so very, very welcome.  The first plan would be to immediately squirrel away a sizable amount to so we can take an elaborate trip to Paris before we leave for home.  I want to go to Paris more than anything, but it’s just not possible without some change in income.  It would kill me to be so geographically close and never get there.  Plus it’d be good to, you know, live in Europe and see more than just one country.

I just started work on my fourth screenplay, my first original one.  The treatment wound up at a healthy 16 pages and I’m ready to get going.  As always, it’s slow going so far, but I’ll ramp up fast.  I’ve promised myself that.  Because I have every reason in the world to do so.  Every reason.


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