Travel is Afoot

Tomorrow we get up bright and early (i.e. 8am), pick up a rental car, and drive out to Cologne for the weekend.

Surprisingly, it’s much cheaper to rent a car and drive there than it is to take the train.  The fast train, for the both of us, cost between 120 and 150 Euro depending on the time of day.  And that’s with my 50% discount card.  Yikes.  A car for the weekend, on the other hand, was under 100.

Also, the train takes 4 and a half hours.  Driving should take two to three, depending on traffic and weather.

We’ll be going to see Cologne, of course.  But we’ll barely see it (supposedly there’s not much to see anyhow).

Really, we’ll be going for Gamescom.  Europe’s largest video games show.  And, unlike E3 (the American expo of choice), this one is completely open to the public.  I imagine it’ll be quite crowded.  But who cares.  Chris is quite excited to hit the floor and maybe get a chance to play some new games.

I haven’t decided what we’ll do Sunday yet.  Maybe we’ll see more of Cologne, if we feel like we’ve missed a bunch.  Maybe we’ll go back to Gamescom, if we didn’t get to see everything.  Part of me wants to go to Wuppertal to see the suspended monorail.  But we may go to Dusseldorf, a 20-30 minute drive north, and check our their downtown.  Because why not, I don’t foresee us making it back to this region of the country anytime soon.

Photos and a trip report will follow soon.


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