Shrubbo’s Blog v2.0

Truth be told, I’ve been meaning to reboot the blog in some way for some time now.  While still in LA people urged me to try and expand it, gain some readers and such, all based on my film reviews and such.  I had been flattered by the idea, but I didn’t wan to do it unless I could make it look somewhat competent.  Since I have no real web design skills I asked around, but it’s a time consuming thing to ask someone to do.  Then I moved to Germany and my access to current films plummeted, and so did my commentary, so the idea made even less sense.

Livejournal as a whole also started to really suffer.  My blog has been active there since January of 2003, and I really liked the idea of sticking it out there as long as possible.  At least a decade right?  A lot of my friends used to keep blogs there, then it dwindled, and now it’s just one or two people posting every so often.  So I don’t feel like I’m really abandoning the community that once was.

To top it all off, their services started faltering.  Features would routinely fail to work, on top of an abundance of general downtime.  Adding things as simple as links or pictures turned into a crapshoot.  Recently their website was down for four or five days with no explanation as to why, which happened to coincide with their annual asking me to renew my paid membership.  I wrote to them sharing my disappointment and the response was of a general “yeah, so what?”   When they went down for a few days I wrote again and only then did them mention they had been the victim of a DDoS attack.  Fine, fair enough, I can’t fault them for that.  But I can fault them for, oh, I dunno, failing to notify anyone that it was happening.  Enough is enough.

So here we are.  As a result of doing a sort of reboot and move to a new service I will try to be more vigilant in my posting.  Review the movies I actually do see when I happen to see them.  More general postings on movies, life, and so on.  The usual, just back to rate at which I posted before.  As you can see, I’ve imported the movie reviews I had already written so far this year as a way to test how the blog looks, and to just fill it out in general.

So to the handful of people who happen to read, and followed me over.  Thanks!  As before, I yearn for comments on everything.

Let me know what you think of the new design.  I can futz with it forever.  The picture of the top is random, and I plan to add more pictures often.  Currently, they’re all pictures taken by me at one point or another.


About shrubbo

Coming to you from Los Angeles, California. Movies, life, travel, stuff, movies, and movies.

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  1. So happy to see you writing! I hope this will get you more followers so you’ll write even more.

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